State of Employee Advocacy LP

About this event


We can all agree that social media has changed a lot since 2012. 😬


Not only are the top platforms different, but people - especially employees - interact in so many new ways we couldn't think of a decade ago.

That's why we set up this special event and invited (aka assembled) the avengers of Employee Advocacy. They're going to discuss where Employee Advocacy is heading in 2022 - and beyond.


What do you get by signing up?

💰 Proof of how using Employee Advocacy can both drive more brand reach and save your marketing team money and time.

📊 Deep insights of how to use LinkedIn to grow professionally and advance your career.


💡 Proven real-world tactics and advice from LinkedIn influencers with a combined following of over 200,000 followers 


For those in attendance, we'll also be having a giveaway for three (3) 1-year subscriptions to Canva Pro to create content for your own social media! 🎉